Sunday, January 5, 2020

Frank SNODGRASS dies at Fillmore (1920)

This obituary is courtesy of Karen Zach.

Source: Crawfordsville Review – issue of Tuesday, February 10, 1920 - page 1:

Coatesville, Ind. February 9 – Frank Snodgrass, age 56, a widely known farmer living at Fillmore four miles west of here in Hendricks County is dead as the result of being attacked by hogs after he was stricken with apoplexy in the barnyard of his home yesterday evening. Mr. Snodgrass was feeding stock at the time. When he did not return to the house after the usual period, his wife made a search for him, finding him unconscious and the victim of several hogs that had chewed off one hand a part of an arm, one ear and the back of his neck. Mrs. Snodgrass was carrying a broken arm in a sling and was unable to assist the injured man. She went to the telephone and called several neighbors, who finally succeeded in beating off the animals. Mr. Snodgrass regained consciousness several hours later but died soon after midnight. In addition to the widow, one son, Charles Snodgrass survives.