Monday, March 26, 2012

Hendricks County Republican Commitee Members (1880's)

Recently found in Hendricks County probate records: a piece of the letterhead of the Republican Central Committee of Hendricks County. The exact date is unknown - it was used to bind some receipts from the 1880's. The letterhead lists the following members of the committee:

A.B. Bryant, Chairman
Thad S. Adams, Secretary
W.R. McClelland, Treasurer
J.B. Homan, Danville
Gilbert McClain, Avon
David Hadley, Plainfield
B.G. Little, Cartersburg
J.E. Humston, Stilesville
C.L. Stanley, Coatsville
A.T. Dooley, New Winchester
J.S. Linn, North Salem
J.H. Kendall, Lizton
Dan Feeley, Pittsboro
L.M. Barlow, Brownsburg
T.R. Gilleland, Brownsburg
Samuel Sutto, Plainfield

College Students Database Updated

Entries from the 1921, 1922 and 1923 school years have been added to the database Hendricks County Students Attending Indiana Colleges, which is on the Hendricks County GenWeb site. It is a listing of some of the students from Hendricks County who were either attending or graduating from various colleges in Indiana, as compiled from information sent by college officials to area newspapers. The list was comprised of the student's name and hometown, and sometimes included their major or the degree they were receiving.

The colleges that submitted information to the newspapers varied from year to year. Ball State University, Butler University, DePauw University, Earlham College, Indiana State University, Indiana University and Purdue University are among those who submitted information at one time or another.

The database covers the period of 1921-1963.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Candidates for Election in Hendricks County (1845)

From copies of voting records at Plainfield Library:

Election held Monday, 4 August 1845 - candidates for various offices (with votes received in parentheses):

--Hendricks County Assessor:
Enos Blair (30 votes)
Harmon Brittain (606 votes - winner)
Thomas F. Burgess (56 votes)
Thomas A. Burks (108 votes)
William Nelson Caywood (139 votes)
William Crawford (154 votes)
John Darraugh/John Darrow (20 votes)
A.M. Hamrick (7 votes)
Benjamin Hiatt (27 votes)
L. Hunter (1 vote)
Amos McCormick/Amos McCormack (17 votes)
A.G. Minor (3 votes)
Samuel Starbuck/Samuel Starbaugh (24 votes)
Edmund D. Straughn (575 votes)
James Todd (67 votes)
Thomas Weekly/Thomas Weekley (6 votes)
Boaz Williams (24 votes)
James Wright (1 vote)

--Hendricks County Auditor:
H. Baker (1 vote)
John Baker (930 votes)
Allen Hess (976 votes - winner)
A. Straughn (2 votes)

--Hendricks County Commissioner (3rd District):
J.A. Bonter/J.M. Bonter (1 vote)
Alvey Hoadley (246 votes)
Isaac Osborn (5 votes)
S.A. Verbrike (1 vote)
A.B. Watson (2 votes)
Ebenezer S. Watson (929 votes - winner)

--Hendricks County Coroner:
?? Baker (1 vote)
Pemberton S. Dicken (291 votes - winner)
E.D. Hart (13 votes)
Jonathan S. Harvey (128 votes)
John Ludlow (234 votes)
H.H. Marvin (1 vote)
Alex McCasmant (6 votes)
Christian C. Nave (21 votes)
J.S. Odell (1 vote)
J.G. Scott (2 votes)
J.I. Scott/J.S. Scott (1 vote)
A.B. Straughn (2 votes)
E.D. Straughn (14 votes)
William Townsend (7 votes)
E.S. Watson (1 vote)
J.J. Weeks (3 votes)

--State Representative, Indiana General Assembly:
Jonathan S. Harvey (945 votes - winner)
Calvin A. Jessup (55 votes)
Henry H. Marvin (750 votes)
J. Wells (1 vote)

--State Senator, Indiana General Assembly:
Jeremiah Depew (680 votes)
Henry Morgan (41 votes)
Christian C. Nave (89 votes)
William Townsend (153 votes)
Samuel A. Verbrike (820 votes - winner)

--Representative, United States Congress:
Marquis Blair (2 votes)
J.A. Depew (2 votes)
Edward W. McGaughey/Edward W. McGoughey (1072 votes – winner)
Joseph A. Wright (895 votes)

On Wednesday, 6 August 1845, a Board of Canvassers (made up of the judges and inspectors from each township) met at the courthouse in Danville to tally the votes and certify the results. The members of the board were:

Job Turner (chairman of Board)
Elias Leach
John Craig
John J. McMullin
Eli Baldwin
Solomon Rushton
Whitson Nelson
Benjamin Larrence
B.A. Huron
James Logan
Joshua D. Parker, Clerk
S.T. Hadley, Deputy Clerk

Friday, March 23, 2012

Plainfield Library Moves Genealogy Databases

If you have bookmarks to the Plainfield Public Library's searchable databases for Hendricks County, they will need to be updated. A full listing of their databases is available at

Here are the updated URLs for some of their most widely-used databases:

--Hendricks County cemeteries index:
--Hendricks County cemetery locations:
--Hendricks County obituary index:

Monday, March 19, 2012

Index to Probate Order Books Updated

Entries from Probate Order Book Volume 1 (24 January 1853 - 22 August 1856) and Probate Order Book Volume 2 (10 November 1856 - 24 July 1860) have been added to the database Index to Hendricks County Probate Order Books (1853-1918), which is on the Hendricks County GenWeb site. The index includes the person's first and last name, the subject of their probate case (estate, guardianship, etc.), and the corresponding book and page number.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Marriage Index Updated

Entries from Hendricks County Marriage Book Volume Volume 52 (7 April 1990 - 15 December 1990), Volume 53 (16 December 1990 - 26 October 1991) and Volume 54 (9 November 1991 - 3 October 1992) have been added to the database Index to Hendricks County Marriage Books, which is on the Hendricks County GenWeb site. It includes the names of the bride and groom, their date of marriage and the corresponding book and page number.

This index is in progress - so far it covers the period of 1904-1992, as well as 1824-1848.

Friday, March 9, 2012

George W. MITCHELL obituary (1960)

source: Crawfordsville Journal Review (Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana) - issue of 15 February 1960, page 8 [typed by Walt W]

George W. Mitchell, 91, 812 S. Green St., died Sunday morning in Culver Hospital, where he had been a patient six days. He was a native of Pittsboro, born July 2, 1868 to William N. and Matilda Mitchell. He was married to Eva Irwin, who preceded him in death in November, 1957. Mr. Mitchell, who was employed at Mid-States Steel & Wire Co. for 24 years, had been retired since 1941. He and Mrs. Mitchell began housekeeping in North Salem and moved to Crawfordsville in February, 1915. He had served in the U. S. Army. Mr. Mitchell was a member of the First Christian Church here.

Survivors include two sons, Claude (Lonnie) Mitchell and William (Diddy) Mitchell of Crawfordsville; four grandchildren, Edward Coletta of Indianapolis, George Coletto of Washington, D. C., Jack Mitchell of Muscatine, Ia., and Mrs. Shirley Hood of Arthur, Ill., and six great-grandchildren. Services are announced for 2 p. m. Tuesday at the Bright Funeral Home with Rev. Paul E. Million officiating and burial in Masonic Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Liberty Township Schools Graduates 1924

From a 1924 commencement program for Liberty Township schools in Clayton
(in the collection of Plainfield Public Library)

Mildred Hubbard [Magna Cum Laude]
Myrth Shields [Cum Laude]
Cecil Edmonson [Cum Laude]
Joe Jones, President
Howard Callahan, Treasurer
Arthur Burns
Edwin Bray
Estella Redd
Ben Walker
Mary Burks
Norman Canary
Hortense Cooper
Marvin Fisher
Paul Woods
Glen Warmoth
Kenneth Hornaday
Faye Hutchens
Eva Hudson
Frank Stone
Helen Short
Gail Stout
Pauline Staley
Dorothy Thompson

Mark H. McCullough
Fred L. Pierpont
Schuyler S. Arnold
Josephine Stephenson
Hazel Kahl
Gladys Christie
Mary Richeson [resigned]
Opal Conrad [resigned]

George H. Reitzel, County Superintendent
D.S. Hazelwood, Township Trustee
James W. Wright, Township Principal

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Eel River Township Common Schools Graduates 1896

From a commencement program of Eel River Township common schools 1896 (in the collection of Plainfield Public Library):

Annual Commencement of the Eel River Township schools at the Christian Church, North Salem, Ind., Wednesday evening, June 17, ’96.

Class of ’96:
Joseph Proctor
Maud martin
Dora Mount
Earnest Gentry
Jasper Hypes
Clarence Trotter
Alden Davis
Retta Hocker
Dona Thompson
Daisy Page
Dumpie Bales
Dora A. Landers
Bessie Waters
Blanch Pennington
Mertie Robbins

School No. 1: Lula Wamsley
School No. 3: John W. Hauk
School No. 7: J.F. Evans
School No. 8: Arthusa Lamb

School Officers:
E.M. Murphy, Trustee
J.D. Hostetter, County Superintendent

[NOTE: A common school went up to 8th grade]

Monday, March 5, 2012

Plainfield High School Graduates 1918

From a commencement program of Plainfield High School 1918 (in the collection of Plainfield Public Library):

Class Roll:
Arline Lambert
Hildreth Garriott
LaRue Symons
Agnes Campbelel
Flora Stephens
Geneva Edwards
Forrest Caldwell
Ethelene Hadley
Frank Tucker
Mary Stephens
Norman Jared
Randolph Cox
Maurice Price
Howard Osborn
Walter Mercer
Earl Almond
Ruth Hatton
Esther Vestal
Philip Hagee
Orrell Negus
Louise Beeler
Reagan Lewis
Lois Brown
Guy Winsted
Guy Krebs
Earl Pike

Stilesville Voters List Added

A list of voters in Stilesville in 1874 have been added to the Data section of the Hendricks County GenWeb site. This voters list was found in the collection of the Plainfield Public Library and it is from an election that was held in April 1874 about whether to continue or dissolve the corporation of the town of Stilesville.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Danville Library To Host Daughters of the American Revolution Workshop

Members of the Wa-Pe-Ke-Way Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) will be in the Danville Public Library's Indiana Room on Saturday, March 24 from 9 am to 1 pm for a DAR membership research workshop. They will be there to answer your questions and assist you with the research needed to become a DAR member. They will also assist you with your Revolutionary War research.

Founded in 1890, the DAR has 170,000 members in 3,000 chapters. Any woman age 18 or older who can prove lineal descent from a patriot of the American Revolution is eligible for membership. If you would like to know more about the DAR or about the membership research workshop, please contact Tammy Snider (317-858-9321) or Ruth Sims (317-852-2365).

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Plainfield Library To Show Plainfield in Photos

Wonder what Plainfield looked like in the late 1800's and early 1900's? Reann Poray, manager of the Indiana Room at Plainfield Public Library, will show some early photos of the town in a program at Plainfield library on Monday, March 17 from 7 to 8 pm. In the program, entitled "Plainfield's Past in Pictures," you'll learn about the history of Plainfield, including its schools and churches.

This is a free program - register online or call (317) 838-3800.

Lizton High School Graduates 1922

From a commencement program of Lizton High School 1922 (in the collection of Plainfield Public Library):

Class of Nineteen Hundred Twenty-two
Lizton High School
Commencement Exercises
Tuesday evening, May ninth at seven thirty o’clock

Class Roll:
Dorothy Lois Reeves
Roger Grant Foster
Mable Lorene Robertson
Marie Dowden Kennedy
Ruth Ione Dowden
Percy Albert Ratliff
Kathleen Maxine Gibson
Lyman H. Ellis
Opal Armstrong
Nellie Blanche Gossett

W.F. Collins, Superintendent

Thursday, March 1, 2012

North Salem High School Graduates 1902

From a souvenir program of North Salem High School – class of 1902 (in the collection of Plainfield Public Library):

Edna Coral Clay
Frank Edmund Davis
Harry Clay Durham
Taylor Owen
Edgar Camden Thompson
Victor Hugo Wiseheart
Bessie May Waters

Nellie Cook
Grace Hadley
Alma Hackley
Jasper Hypes
Arthur Waters
Una Adams
Mortie Hadley-Wiseheart
Bert M. Pace
Retta Hocker
Dona Thompson
Daisy Page-Sellers
Fred Radford

Teachers and Officers connected with the North Salem schools:
Nellie Cook
Retta Hocker
Maud Moudy
Flora Williams
Una Adams
G.M. Wilson, Principal
S.R. Davis, Township Trustee
J.D. Hostetter, County Superintendent
F.L. Jones, State Superintendent
Dr. W.T. Harris, U.S. Com. of Education
J.S. Duckworth, Truant Officer