Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Teachers Database Updated

Entries from the 1953 school year have been added to the database Index to Teachers in Hendricks County Schools, which is on the Hendricks County GenWeb site. It is a list of all of the teachers in the county's schools, as published in area newspapers at the beginning of each school year by the county's schools superintendent. The list was comprised of the teacher's name and their location, and sometimes included the subjects they were teaching.

The database is an ongoing project--so far it covers the period of 1953-1963. 1963-1964 was the end of the Hendricks County schools system and the position of Hendricks County schools superintendent. Beginning in 1962, schools began dropping out of the county system in order to form their own school corporations. When the 1963 school year began, only 3 schools were left in the county system--Lizton, North Salem and Pittsboro (they would later form the Tri-West school corporation).

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