Friday, November 5, 2010

NEWSPAPER TIDBIT: First Woman in County As Grand Juror (1938)

An item found in The Republican (Danville, Indiana) - issue of Thursday, March 3, 1938 - page 1, column 5:

Now, you men, watch your step. This county is going to be different. Some things may be brought to light that men have always overlooked. We are tellin' you, this is a serious proposition. Three women have been named for service on the grand jury for the March term of court. Women have been named on petit juries in this county before, but as far as we know, these are the first to be named on the grand jury. The three women named are Mrs. Beulah Mitchell and Mrs. Mabel C. Thompson, both of Center Township, and Mrs. Ruth B. Wilson, Guilford Township. The complete list of jurymen can be found in another column of this issue.

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