Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NEWSPAPER TIDBIT: Wedding Ring Found in Clayton 18 Years Later (1936)

An item found in The Republican (Danville, Indiana) - issue of Thursday, June 4, 1936 - page 1, column 5:

Mrs. Henry Rodenbeck of Clayton, reports the finding of her wedding ring which she lost about eighteen years ago. She lost the ring from her finger while attending to her household duties during the fall of 1917. A complete search was made of the house and premises but it could not be found.

The house where she resided at that time has [since] been moved and the ground has been ploughed and planted in potatoes.

Monday, while Mr. Rodenbeck was planting some watermelon seeds in the hills where the potatoes did not come up, he noticed the ring on the ploughed ground. The ring is in 18k gold, and engraved inside were the initials H.R. to G.C. and [it] is in perfect condition.

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