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NEWSPAPER TIDBIT: Schoolhouse in Washington Township Sold (1930)

from The Republican (Danville, Indiana) – issue of Thursday, December 11, 1930 – page 5, column 5

Crafton school house in Washington township was sold at auction, Saturday. The following has been received from one of the community:

Gone But Not Forgotten
The White Lick Community club bids farewell to the old Crafton school house, district No. 4 in Washington township.

After being abandoned for three or four years the community conceived the idea of using it as a community meeting place.

The trustee being approached, gladly giving his consent, as he thought it a worthy move. The building being in bad condition we repaired it by putting in many window panes, fixing doors, putting on locks and other things needed. We then furnished it with chairs, tables, piano, stoves, curtains, dishes, cooking utensils, lights, song books, cleaned up the yard and kept it mowed, making it comfortable at a cost of several hundred dollars.

For seven years this club has met every months, besides many social entertainments, church programs and banquets given by other groups, always open to any worthwhile activity.

Our present trustee did not look on this club with favor. He sold the building and grounds in the face of a petition presented by the club, signed by 58 voters out of a possible 72 in the district, to hold the school house as a community center.

We feel our loss very keenly. The club is storing the furniture until they can find a suitable location.

Dear old Crofton, we tried so hard to save you. For seven years your friends have met with you and you have protected them and now we will look back on you with love and respect and recall the many happy times we have spent with you – Goodbye.

After the Court had denied an injunction designed to prevent the sale of the Crafton school by the trustee, the building was sold at auction to John Robinson for $280. Then to make it a full day for him, Mr. Robinson gave the Avon high school athletic association his check for $500.

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