Wednesday, June 29, 2011

NEWSPAPER TIDBIT: Danville Couple Marries in Terre Haute (1924)

from The Republican (Danville, Indiana) – issue of Thursday, March 6, 1924 – page 5, column 4:

Mrs. Ora Trotter, so long connected with Crawley’s restaurant, asked for a few days vacation, Monday week ago, which Mr. Crawley readily granted, saying she could have a week if she wished. About the same time Bert Rowan, of the Gentry garage, was mysteriously missing for a few days. Thursday evening, both reappeared at the Crawley restaurant all togged out in their best. They were the subjects of good natured “kidding” by Mr. Crawley and bystanding friends, but were as silent as the man of the granite hills who now presides over the destinies of this Republic. “Nothing to say,” was their slogan, and they stuck to it for a few days until Mrs. Crawley, in her persuasive way, knowing the nature of “the eternal femine,” wormed the secret from the former Mrs. Trotter, now Mrs. Rowan, when she admitted that she and Bert had slipped away to Terre Haute on Monday of last week, procured a license, and found a minister who spoke the words that made them one. After receiving the congratulations of Mr. and Mrs. Crawley and other friends, Mrs. Rowan made Mr. Crawley happy by informing him that she was not going to quit him – at least, for the present. So, all are happy, and all is well that ends well, as the last picture is thrown on the screen.

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