Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Children in Northern Eel River Township (1846) - District 5

Found in Plainfield Public Library’s Archives:

A list of children between the ages of 5 and 21 in District 5, Township 17 North, Range 2 West taken on 1 February 1846 by R.K. Carter, District Clerk
[NOTE: Township 17 North, Range 2 West is an area that roughly corresponds to the northern half of Eel River Township]

Parent’s Name: George Neff
Children: Marian (female, age 14); Henry (male, age 12); Sarah (female, age 11); Washington (male, age 9); Marian (male, age 7); John (male, age 5)

Parent’s Name: Thomas Blackmore
Children: Suzan (female, age 13); Olivejane (female, age 10); Sucky (female, age 9); Samuel (male, age 7); Sarah (female, age 5)

Parent’s Name: Silas Tolby
Children: Izabel (female, age 10); Columbus (male, age 8); William (male, age 5)

Parent’s Name: James Berchfield
Children: Rachael F. (female, age 13); William (male, age 8); Martha (female, age 5)

Parent’s Name: James Ivens
Children: Ambroz (male, age 14); Berry (male, age 13); Catharine (female, age 10); Rebecca (female, age 8); Suzan (female, age 6)

Parent’s Name: George Caldwell
Children: John W. (male, age 5)

Parent’s Name: John Mcintush
Children: Jacob (male, age 18); Jackson (male, age 15); John (male, age 12); Rebecca (female, age 11); Rachael (female, age 9)

Parent’s Name: C. Fullen
Children: Oliver (male, age 19); Emeline (female, age 17); Berry (male, age 15); Maryjane (female, age 12); Nancy (female, age 9); Albert (male, age 6)

Parent’s Name: James Troter
Children: Merida (male, age 13); Rufus (male, age 5)

Parent’s Name: Joseph Iddings
Children: Rebecca (female, age 15); Benjamine (male, age 13); Mary (female, age 10); William (male, age 8); Samuel (male, age 6)

Parent’s Name: Jesse Duram
Children: Absalum (male, age 10)

Parent’s Name: R.K. Carter
Children: Marian (female, age 14); Lewis (male, age 12); Margaret (female, age 8); Nancy (female, age 6)

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