Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Memorial for James G. MILES (1898)

Hendricks County Civil Order Book Volume 42 (March 1898 - February 1899) includes a memorial for lawyer James G. Miles, who died March 15, 1898. He was born July 2, 1827 in Parke County, Indiana, and was admitted to the bar in 1849 in Clay County, Indiana after having studied at law at Bloomington, Indiana. He married Susan J. Wade on November 12, 1850 in Franklin County, Kentucky. They had 14 children, 5 of whom died in infancy. The others - 7 daughters and 2 sons - survived, along with the widow.

In the Civil War, he joined Company M of the 71st Indiana Regiment (also known as the 6th Indiana Cavalry) and eventually was elevated to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant (at Pulaski, Tennessee he was "pro marshal"). He was discharged on September 15, 1865. In October 1863, his family moved from Clay County to Danville, Hendricks County. When he was discharged in 1865, he joined them there, and he lived in Danville ever since.

While in Danville, he practiced law and served as a deputy in the county clerk and county auditor's offices. He also served in the House of Representatives in the Indiana legislature in the 1881 session.

The memorial notes:

"As a lawyer he was studious and painstaking. His practice was entirely on the civil side and largely in matters probate. He had the respect and goodwill of the bar and many friends in the community at large. As a citizen he stood well among us. The large number of children he reared and their character and worth, is a testimonial of a high order to his worth as a parent and citizen."

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