Friday, October 25, 2013

Cora WARD of Liberty Township Seeks Divorce (1915)

From the Danville Gazette (Danville, Indiana) - issue of Thursday, March 11, 1915 - page 1, column 6:

Alleges Husband is Morose, Prefers Chair to Bed - and Oft-Repeated Threats of Suicide, Fail of Relief

After a test of less than a year Mrs. Cora Ward, wife of Allen E. Ward, a farmer in south Liberty [Township], is ready to acknowledge marriage is a failure. She brought suit for divorce from her husband in the local court Tuesday.

She states they were married February 28, 1914, and separated February 10, 1915.

She alleges her husband is sullen and morose, going for days without speaking unless compelled to. She sets out that frequently he displayed a disagreeable attitude by sitting up in a chair all night rather than go to bed. The complaint sets out that he frequently threatened to commit suicide and that on more than one occasion he slipped a pistol in his pocket and went to the barn with the avowed intention of ending things. At the present time, however, conditions are such that he is figuring in court as an individual and not as an estate.

Another cause for grievance was that he refused to provide a place for his family to live. He gave as an excuse, Plaintiff says, that if he did he would lose the place his mother promised him at her death.

The couple have one child, five months old, and the mother is asking for its custody.

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