Monday, September 29, 2014

Josephine THOMAS granted divorce because of husband's robbery (1940)

As mentioned in Hendricks County Circuit Court Civil Order Book Volume 89 (9 June 1939 - 13 June 1940), in April 1940 Josephine E. Thomas was granted a divorce from Francis Leroy Thomas (case #15945). The court agreed with her complaint, which stated that Francis had been convicted of robbery and sentenced to Indiana State Prison and while out on parole, he had committed other acts of robbery and been returned to prison to serve out the remainder of his sentence. Josephine was given custody of their 5 children (Betty Thomas, born 18 March 1925; Robert Thomas, born 6 November 1926; Jo Ann Thomas, born 28 May 1928, Lola May Thomas, born 8 May 1931 and Carl D. Thomas, born 26 February 1938) and Francis was ordered to pay $5 a week in child support beginning 30 days after he was released from prison.

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