Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fern (REED) LAWSON granted divorce (1947)

As mentioned in Hendricks County Circuit Court Civil Order Book Volume 96 (February 1947 - March 1948), in September 1947 Fern (Reed) Lawson was granted a divorce from Lindol L. Lawson (case #17790) for cruel and inhuman treatment. The divorce decree noted that they were married on 22 November 1936 and lived together until 13 June 1947, and had children: Lindol L. Lawson, II (age 9) and Sarah Ann Lawson (age 3). Fern was given custody of the 2 children and Lindol was ordered to pay $10 a week child support. They had already filed a property settlement with the court, in which Lindol gave Fern the deed to their home at 292 West Marion Street in Danville.

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