Thursday, June 30, 2016

37-year-old Blanche HOOVER a student at Lizton High School (1949)

source: The Republican (Danville, Indiana) - issue of Thursday, September 22, 1949 - page 1, columns 3-4:

Mrs. Blanche Hoover, 37-year-old wife of a Lizton farmer and carpenter, has entered the junior class in the Lizton High School in an effort to meet college entrance requirements.

Mrs. Hoover rides the school bus daily with her three children who attend the grade school at Lizton. Her daughter, Kay, is a first grader; two sons in school are Morris, third grade, and Lewis, fourth grade. According to teachers who have had the children they are above the average for their age. Mrs. Hoover re-entered school with a very high scholastic record.

She attended up to her junior year at the Zionsville schools when she quit to get married. Now, she feels that will need a higher education in case she might someday have to make a living for her children. Mrs. Hoover's tentative plan is to further her education in a college where she will enter the field of psychology.

During the noon hour Mrs. Hoover works in the school lunch room preparing tables and serving food. She is a member of the Lizton High School Glee Club, but is not engaging in other extracurricular activities. She is very active in the Cub Scout work in her community.

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