Saturday, September 17, 2016

Danville gets its first color television (1956)

source: Danville Gazette (Danville, Indiana) - issue of Thursday, February 9, 1956 - page 1, columns 3-4:

Mr. and Mrs. Rawleigh Baker entertained members of the press Thursday evening at a special showing of the new RCA color television. So far as it's known, this is the first color TV set in Danville. It has been reported that there are three other color sets now in this county.

By this time next year, color television will be a common-place thing. But at the present time, it is a new and exciting form of entertainment. As I watched a full-hour program, I was most conscious of the stars' hair. On a black and white program, you accept all hair has been dark or light. While the hair had a natural look, it sometimes looked more like a wig than the real thing, with each hair in its proper place.

Woodwork shown on the screen looked natural, as did the pastel-colored settings. Lipstick and fire extinguishers were shown in a peculiar shade of purple. During a commercial a red-haired hostess presented the commentary. Redheads really show up on color tv. However, a twist of a dial can ruin any girl's complexion.

Another advantage, or maybe disadvantage, color television can make your mouth water when it comes to scenes of food. Although I enjoyed my first colored tv show, I imagine a spectacular, with brightly colored costumes, would show up more effectively than a drama show.

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