Friday, February 3, 2017

Brownsburg Airport opens (1946)

source: The Friday Caller (Plainfield, Indiana) - issue of Thursday, March 28, 1946 - page 1, column 3:

According to a newspaper article, on Sunday March 31, 1946 Brownsburg Airport would hold its grand opening. It was to be operated by Loy Field, Plainfield Airport, Inc. The manager of the field was William Hylton; the publicity director was H.A. Holley and the instructors were William Hylton, H.L. Stark and Ross Truax.

Among the activities planned for the grand opening of Brownsburg Airport was a "spot landing contest" by pilots from other airports. A $100 bill would be placed on the field in a white circle, and a pilot would have to make a normal 180-degree approach with no power. The pilot who landed their plane with one wheel in the white circle would win the $100 bill.

NOTE: Brownsburg Airport no longer exists - it was located on County Road 400 North (known as Airport Road), about half a mile east of State Road 267, just north of where Brownsburg Community School and White Lick Elementary School are today. Brownsburg Airport is not to be confused with Speedway Airport, which was located on the east side of County Road 900 East (also known as Airport Road or Griswold Road), about half a mile north of County Road 200 North.

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