Thursday, July 6, 2017

Kroger's in Plainfield closes after 27 years (1955)

source: Plainfield Messenger (Plainfield, Indiana) - issue of Thursday, May 5, 1955 - page 8, column 2:

According to a newspaper article, in May 1955 the Kroger grocery store in Plainfield closed after 27 years. It had opened (circa 1928) in the Barnes Building on West Main Street. Kroger had leased the building from owner Ralph Barnes. Leon Hern was the store manager and Dayle Cain was the manager of the meat department at the time of closing. They had been transferred to the Kroger at 5400 West Washington Street.

NOTE: In 2017 the Kroger in Plainfield is located on the north side of US 40 (Main Street) and Quaker Boulevard/267.

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