Thursday, August 10, 2017

Plainfield's Van Buren Elm Tree cut down (1945)

source: The Friday Caller (Plainfield, Indiana) - issue of Thursday, September 6, 1945 - page 1, columns 2-4:

According to a newspaper article, in September 1945 a famous tree in Plainfield was finally cut down by the workers from the Indiana State Highway Commission, after it was condemned. The "Van Buren Elm" had stood on the grounds of the Quaker Western Yearly Meeting House at the southwest corner of State Road 267 and US 40 in Plainfield. In June 1843, President Martin Van Buren was passing by in a stagecoach, when he fell out into mud at the base of the tree, leading to Congress giving money to improve the condition of the National Road. This tree then become a stop for souvenir hunters who took pieces out of it, and in August 1928 it was badly damaged by a tornado.

Today there is a plaque marking the site.

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