Sunday, December 10, 2017

Suspect in North Salem bank theft is captured (1930)

Source: Indianapolis Star – issue of Friday, December 12, 1930 – page 9, column 4:

[Special to The Indianapolis Star]
PETERSBURG, Ind., Dec. 11 – Hugo Lynch, alias Hughes, 25 years old, of New Castle, the last of four men charged with the robbery of a bank at North Salem, was arrested here early this morning by Sheriff Hal Nelson of Pike County and Chief of Police William Weathers of this city. This morning Sheriff Nelson received a notice from the state bureau of criminal identification and investigation at Indianapolis telling him to look for Lynch at Velpen, twenty-two miles east of here at the home of Lynch’s grandfather, Allen Tussey. Sheriff Nelson and Chief Weathers entered the house without knocking and surprised Lynch as he was dressing. He was unarmed.

Lynch blamed one of the men already arrested for informing on him and was very bitter.

Officers from Indianapolis will take Lynch in custody to be returned to North Salem where he will be tried for the robbery.

The North Salem bank was robbed of $2,300 October 10. The gang’s headquarters were said to be at the home of Mrs. Lonnie Lovelace here. She was released of charges. At the trial in Danville Mrs. Lovelace sought permission to be married to James Lynch, but permission was denied because she was not a resident of Hendricks County.

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