Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Philip KREIGH dies near Stilesville (1905)

 source: Indianapolis Star, issue of Thursday, August 25, 1905 - page 5:


"Hoosier Fat Boy" Is Buried At His Home at Stilesville, Ind.

Danville, Ind., August 23 - Philip Kreigh, Indiana's largest man, who died of dropsy yesterday at his home near Stilesville, this county, was buried this afternoon. Kreigh was for many years a farmer of ordinary size and weight, but within the past ten years accumulated flesh so rapidly that his actual weight when in health was 526 pounds. His "show weight," when on exhibition, was 700 pounds.

For several years he traveled with Barnum & Bailey and Sells Bros. as the "Hoosier Fat Boy".

The casket in which Kreigh was buried was six feet long and four feet wide. The casing in the largest door in the house had to be removed to get the casket out, and it took double the usual number of pallbearers to handle it.

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