Sunday, August 14, 2011

NEWSPAPER TIDBIT: Stilesville Teachers Egged By Students (1920)

from The Republican (Danville, Indiana) – issue of Thursday, April 29, 1920 – page 1, column 4:

Roy Cox, superintendent of the Stilesville schools, with Cleo Casserly, Lloyd McClellan, Howard McClellan, Kathleen Ousler and Mary Warmoth, all pupils in the Stilesville schools, are in Squire Kennedy’s court with various charges against them of rout, assault and battery and assault. The parties against whom the alleged offenses were committed are Josephine Lewis, Marcena Kendall, Katie Coble and Helen Coble, teachers in the Stilesville school. It is alleged that a few nights ago Cox bought two dozen eggs and he induced his pupils, named above, to throw them at the four ladies as they were passing along the street. Some of the eggs took effect and some did not. The story goes, according to Prosecutor Owens, that Stilesville has not had much of a school this winter, that Cox is lax is discipline and there was friction between him and other teachers. It is alleged that Cox told pupils that the orders of other teachers were not to be obeyed. The defendants have their hearing May 16.

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