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Eel River Township Common Schools Graduates 1897

From a commencement program of Eel River Township common schools 1897 (in the collection of Plainfield Public Library):

Annual Commencement Exercises, to be held at the Town Hall in North Salem, June 9th, 1897, at 7:30 p.m.

Class of ’97:
Edna Clay
Edgar Thompson
Nettie West
Alma Hackley
Ora Gill
Stella Ford
Fred Horner
Emma Graves
Carl Gossett
Grace Hadley
Dicy Williams
Moda Case
Orpheus Case
Fred Robbins
Edgar Scotten
James Gibson
George Moody
Maud West
Grace Thompson
Leroy H. Higgins
Pearl Rawlings

School No. 1: Arthursa Lamb
School No. 2: Pearl Page
School No. 3: J.H. Houk
School No. 4: G.W. Robbins
School No. 5: T.A. Gossett
School No. 7: J.F. Evans, Principal; C.M. Trotter; Cora B. Jacks; Nora Walsh; Kate Walsh
School No. 8: Minnie Davidson
School No. 9: Eva Harper
School No. 10: H.T. Storm
School No. 11: Walter Wynn

E.M. Murphy, Trustee
J.D. Hostetter, County Superintendent

[NOTE: A common school went up to 8th grade]

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