Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Memorial for John Creighton BALL (1951)

As mentioned in Hendricks County Circuit Court Civil Order Book Volume 100 (April 1951 - June 1952), the death of John Creighton Ball on November 30, 1951 led the Hendricks County Bar to issue this memorial about him in the circuit court minutes of December 3, 1951:

"John Creighton Ball, the son of Van and Iva Ball, was born at Williamsburg, Indiana, December 19, 1893.

He attended Grammar School and High School at Williamsburg, Indiana, and studied law under Judge Bond in Richmond, Indiana, prior to being admitted to the Bar. He was a veteran of World War I.

He has surviving him his wife, Dora Ball, two children by a former marriage, Robert Ball, Santa Monica, California, and Emma DeArmound of Ocean Beach, California, and one sister, Edna Wickersham of Williamsburg, Indiana.

After being admitted to the Bar, he practiced law in Richmond for approximately fifteen years, after which he moved his law office to Indianapolis for about two years. He has been practicing in Danville for the past twelve years.

Our belonged brother and friend received his final summons to appear before the Bar of Justice on November 30, 1951.

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