Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Memorial for Wiley C. DORSETT (1953)

As mentioned in Hendricks County Circuit Court Civil Order Book Volume 101 (June 1952 - September 1953), the death of Wiley C. Dorsett on June 12, 1953 led the Hendricks County Bar to issue this memorial about him in the circuit court minutes of June 16, 1953:

"Wiley C. Dorsett, son of Jehu and Cynthia Ann Dorsett, was born on April 28, 1897 at French Lick, Indiana, where he received his public schooling.

Her served his country with honor in World War I and was awarded the Purple Heart Medal.

He came to Danville in the year 1921, attended Central Normal College and was graduated in 1925. He studied law at Benjamin Harrison Law School in Indianapolis and was admitted to practice law before the Hendricks County Bar on the 25th day of November, 1925. For a short time he was engaged in the abstracting business in Danville. Thereafter he was connected with the Legal Department for the Prudential Insurance Company of Indianapolis.

Although he did not engage actively in the general practice of law, he became and was an authority on real estate and mortgage law and his opinions on these matters were highly respected by the profession.

Patriotic service to his community, state and nation did not terminate with his military service. Since 1941 he had served as Chairman of the Hendricks County Selective Service Board. He was a charter member of the Benjamin Harrison Post of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He was a Past Commander of Hendricks County Post No. 118 of the American Legion and was also Past Commander of Sixth District of the American Legion. For many years he had served this organization actively and well in many capacities. He had received the unanimous endorsement of his Post of the Office of Southern Vice-Commander of the Indiana Department of the American Legion.

Since taking up his residence in Danville some thirty years ago he had been active in community and civic affairs. He was a member of the Danville Christian Church. He had served as President of the Danville Lions Club and Commercial Club and was a member of the Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity, Columbia Club of Indianapolis and Danville Conservation Club.

He had an abiding faith in the young people in this community and willingly gave much time and faithful service in helping them. For many years he was active in scouting, both on community and state level. He was a member of the Central Indiana Scout Committee and in 1948 received the Silver Beaver Award, the highest honor in scouting.

Wiley C. Dorsett received the final summons at Danville on June 12, 1953, and answered the call to that High Tribunal in which no error is committed, where mercy prevails and where all must appear before the Great Judge of mankind.

He is survived by a daughter, Mary Irene Martin, and a grandson, Craig Randall Martin, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, also by three brothers, Willard Dorsett, St. Louis, Missouri, Charles Dorsett, French Lick, Indiana, and John Dorsett of Bloomington, Indiana.

Once again the bell has tolled and we meet to pay tribute to the memory of and mourn the untimely loss of an honored member of our profession. One who was kind, gentle, patient, unassuming, courteous and friendly in his dealings with his fellow man; one who was devoted to his community, state and nation and one who lived a life consistent with his convictions. Whatever might have been his faults let us write them in the sands where even the soft winds and gentle rains will obliterate them, but let his virtues be inscribed on the tablets of our memory and forever cherished in our hearts.

Respectfully submitted,
George W. Hadley
Joe Stevenson
Richard J. Groover

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