Sunday, June 21, 2015

List of parents in Hendricks County marriage applications (1905-1950) added

An index to the parents listed in Hendricks County's marriage application books (1905-1950) has been added to the Hendricks County GenWeb site. This index is helpful when trying to find siblings, particularly women, whose last names may have changed. It includes the parent's name, the name of their child (the marriage applicant), the date of the child's marriage application and the volume and page numbers.

ABOUT THE MARRIAGE APPLICATION BOOKS: Beginning in May 1905, Indiana law required the recording of marriage applications, which included biographical details about the bride and the groom, as well as their parents. In Hendricks County, the information from these applications was kept in a separate set of books from the marriage record from May 1905 until June 1950. Then beginning in June 1950, the application information was recorded in the same set of books as the marriage record.

The Hendricks County Government's Archive has digital files of all 28 volumes of the marriage application books (1905-1950).

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