Saturday, October 17, 2015

Adoption of Donita Mae GOODE and DeLama Kay GOODE (1963)

As mentioned in Hendricks County Circuit Court Order Book 111 (July 1963 - October 1964), during the divorce case of Mary Lou Goode and William Herbert Goode (case #62-321), their children Donita Mae Goode and DeLama Kay Goode were made wards of the court. In December 1963, their half-brother Thomas Irvin Goode and his wife Gladys Mae Goode petitioned the court to adopt these children, and their petition was granted.

NOTE: In Hendricks County Circuit Court Order Book 110 (June 1962 - July 1963), the divorce petition of Mary Lou Goode was granted in November 1962. The divorce settlement lists Donita as being age 9 and DeLama as age 5, and the children were placed in the temporary custody of Doris Wiles. In April 1963, Mary Lou Goode received permission from the court to temporarily remove the children from their home in order to take them to their father Herbert's funeral service in North Salem.

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