Friday, January 1, 2016

Marriage of William B. SPURLOCK and Linda TAYLOR declared void (1970)

As mentioned in Hendricks County Circuit Court Order Book 116 (January 1969 - March 1970), in February 1970, the court heard this case (case # C 70-9). The case showed that when William B. Spurlock and Linda Taylor applied for a Hendricks County marriage license on April 25, 1964, they did so with a birth certificate that showed the bride's name as being Brenda Sue Morris. They were subsequently married on May 2, 1964, by Center Township Justice of the Peace R.B. Pickard. They had 2 children together, Connie Regina Spurlock (age 2) and Kathy Lynn Spurlock (age 1), and at the time of this court case, Linda was pregnant with another child.

The court declared their 1964 marriage to be void, since it was given under a fraudulent identity, but all the children from this marriage were declared to be legitimate.

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