Friday, November 11, 2016

Danville installs parking meters around the courthouse square (1950)

source: Danville Gazette (Danville, Indiana) - issue of Thursday, July 6, 1950 - page 1, column 1:

According to a newspaper article, Monday, July 10, 1950 was to be the first day that parking meters around the courthouse square in Danville would be operational. The parking meters were installed by the Danville Town Council as a way to deal with the traffic congestion, particularly with people parking their cars and then leaving them there all day.

The parking meters charged you 1 cent for every 12 minutes, or 5 cents for every 1 hour. They would be enforced Monday through Saturdays; they would not be enforced on Sundays and legal holidays. People who remained beyond their allotted time would be issued a parking ticket for 50 cents, which had to be paid within 72 hours of the offense. It was a misdemeanor to deface or tamper with the parking meters - violators would be subject to a $10 fine.

As part of the project to install the posts for the parking meters, the hitching posts on the south side of the courthouse square - which were a leftover of the horse and buggy days - were finally removed.

NOTE: According to an article in the February 16, 1956 issue of the Danville Gazette, on February 24, 1956, the parking ticket fee was raised to $1, as the 1950 ordinance was amended.

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