Monday, November 14, 2016

Enos MILHON killed by shotgun (1925)

source: Danville Gazette (Danville, Indiana) - issue of Thursday, December 10, 1925 - page 1, column 2:

The second fatal accident of the hunting season happened two miles south of Stilesville Sunday morning, when Enos Milhon, the 16-year-old son of Corbin Milhon, was fatally wounded when his shotgun was accidentally discharged.

The boy had been running a trap line since the opening of the season and he started out Sunday morning to visit his traps. A short time after he left the house his mother heard the report of his gun. She investigated and as she approached a fence in the rear of their home she saw her son's hat hanging on the wire. She found the body of her son lying by the fence. The charge from the gun entered his face and almost blew his head off.

The boy is survived by his parents and three brothers. Some time ago he had an attack of pneumonia and on recovering from that was inclined toward tuberculosis. For this reason he had been kept out of school this winter and had been encouraged to do trapping to get the benefit of outdoor activities.

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