Saturday, December 17, 2016

2 Plainfield newspapers merge (1956)

source The Plainfield Messenger (Plainfield, Indiana) - issue of Thursday, December 20, 1956 - page 1, columns 5-6:

According to a newspaper article, in December 1956, The Friday Caller (owned by Mrs. Grace M. Jackson) announced it had been sold to The Plainfield Messenger (owned by Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Curtis and Don Cochran). The Friday Caller was established in 1934; The Plainfield Messenger was established in 1866. In August 1956, Grace M. Jackson had retired and leased The Friday Caller to Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hopper, who had since joined the staff at the Indianapolis Star. The Hoppers' lease of The Friday Caller was then terminated to allow its sale to the Plainfield Messenger. The first combined issue of the Plainfield newspaper was to be published on January 3, 1957, with the masthead of the Messenger to include a line that referenced the Friday Caller.

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