Friday, December 30, 2016

Indiana changes marriage law (1958)

source: The Republican (Danville, Indiana) - issue of Thursday, December 19, 1957 - page 1, column 3:

Claude Hughes, clerk of the Hendricks County Circuit Court, announces that changes made by the 1957 General Assembly in the marriage laws will be effective January 1, 1958.

The most radical changes in the new law are:
  1. Three full days must elapse after making application for a license before the marriage license can be issued.
  2. Couple must have written proof of their ages.
  3. A written medical examination report must be submitted at the time the application is made.
  4. The county fee for the license is $5.00 payable with the application.
  5. Written consent must be given if the male is under 21 years of age or the female under 18 years of age.
  6. One or both must be residents of the county where the license is obtained. If both applicants live out of state, then they must be married in the county where the license is obtained.

NOTE: Before this, the fee for the marriage license was $2, and the marriage license could be issued immediately after the application was filled out.

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