Monday, March 26, 2012

Hendricks County Republican Commitee Members (1880's)

Recently found in Hendricks County probate records: a piece of the letterhead of the Republican Central Committee of Hendricks County. The exact date is unknown - it was used to bind some receipts from the 1880's. The letterhead lists the following members of the committee:

A.B. Bryant, Chairman
Thad S. Adams, Secretary
W.R. McClelland, Treasurer
J.B. Homan, Danville
Gilbert McClain, Avon
David Hadley, Plainfield
B.G. Little, Cartersburg
J.E. Humston, Stilesville
C.L. Stanley, Coatsville
A.T. Dooley, New Winchester
J.S. Linn, North Salem
J.H. Kendall, Lizton
Dan Feeley, Pittsboro
L.M. Barlow, Brownsburg
T.R. Gilleland, Brownsburg
Samuel Sutto, Plainfield

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