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Candidates for Election in Hendricks County (1847)

From copies of voting records at Plainfield Library:

Election held Monday, 2 August 1847 - candidates for various offices (with votes received in parentheses):

--Hendricks County Assessor:
Harmon Brittain (1240 votes – winner)
M. Fawkner (12 votes)
Edward Strawn (625 votes)

--Hendricks County Commissioner (2nd District):
William Duzan (53 votes)
Samuel J. Ensminger (212 votes)
Simon Hornaday (1231 votes – winner)

--Hendricks County Coroner:
Lindsey Blair (2 votes)
James Collins (18 votes)
Peter Curtis (1 vote)
Jeremiah Depew (28 votes)
J. Draper (4 votes)
William Duzan (6 votes)
S.T. Hadley (1 vote)
Jonathan S. Harvey (92 votes – winner)
John C. Hogin (13 votes)
Simon Hornaday (1 vote)
Alfred Hunt (42 votes)
J. Irvin (9 votes)
Hezekiah Jessup (2 votes)
Moses Keeny (19 votes)
J.G. Lasley (2 votes)
B.M. Logan (10 votes)
J. Ludlow (2 votes)
A.P. Mendenhall (2 votes)
C.C. Nave (40 votes)
Isaac Osborn (10 votes)
James Slavens (57 votes)
William Snoddy (3 votes)
S.A. Verbrike (13 votes)
John Williams (2 votes)
James Wright (55 votes)

--Hendricks County Prosecuting Attorney:
C. Darnall ( 1 vote)
Wyatt A. George (939 votes – winner)
J.M. Gregg (10 votes)
S.T. Hadley (1 vote)
C.C. Nave (1 vote)
Richard W. Thompson (1 vote)

--Hendricks County School Commissioner:
Hezekiah McCormick (626 votes)
Jacob K. Moore (1085 votes – winner)

--Hendricks County Surveyor:
William Benbow (6 votes)
Henry Fitts (5 votes)
Job Hadley (1253 votes – winner)
Jonathan S. Harvey (1 vote)
Eldred Huff (1 vote)
C.C. Nave (1 vote)
Joseph Plummer (4 votes)

--Hendricks County Treasurer and Collector:
Edmund Clark (1084 votes – winner)
William Duzan (1 vote)
James W. Matlock (814 votes)
James S. Odell (9 votes)

--State Representative, Indiana General Assembly:
Edmund Clark (1 vote)
Jeremiah Depew (773 votes)
Jonathan S. Harvey (1028 votes – winner)
Solomon Rushton (33 votes)
Henry G. Todd (2 votes)

--Representative, United States Congress:
William Benbow (2 votes)
Richard W. Thompson (1906 votes – winner)
Joseph A. Wright (884 votes)

On Wednesday, 4 August 1847, a Board of Canvassers (made up of the judges and inspectors from each township) met at the courthouse in Danville to tally the votes and certify the results. The members of the board were:

Young Short (chairman of Board)
Preston Penington
Elias Leach
Samuel R. Cradick
John Reagan
T.F. Nickols
Abraham Harding
Zimri Hunt
Mark Hollett
Henry D. Goolman
William H. Cook
Joshua D. Parker, Clerk
N.T. Hadley, Deputy Clerk

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