Sunday, August 5, 2012

North Salem 1912 Musical Program

Jamie Neal ( has kindly shared a copy of a musical program from 1912. The organization holding the musical program is not listed - it may be a church or a club.

Here is a transcription of what the program says:

Musical Program
Auspices Commercial Club
Gill’s Opera House North Salem
Thursday, May 28, 8:15 P.M.

--Piano Duet – Mamie Davis and Mary Davis
--Violin Solo “Adoration” – Inez Kent
--Vocal Duet “O That We Two Were Maying” – Lottie Waters and Lena Hicks
--Vocal Solo – Faye Kendall
--Violin Duet – Turpin Davis and Kenneth Davenport
--Reading – Mary Waters
--Violin Solo “The Little Gem Waltz” – Louise Wisehart
--Ladies’ Quartet
--Piano Solo – Belle Keating
--Vocal Duet – Fanny Kendall and Mary Kendall
--Piano Duet – Pauline Trotter and Helen Bowen
--Reading – Vivian Gibson
--Piano Solo – Geraldine Trotter
--Vocal Solo, with violin obligato “O Dry Those Tears” – Lena Hicks
--Male Quartet

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