Monday, February 6, 2012

PRESNELL/MOON 1898 Photo Found

The Family Photo Reunion blog has a post about a photo they found of William Calvin Presnell and Claudie Ethel Moon (who were married in Hendricks County in 1898) that was taken by a Danville photographer. The blog post also notes that acccording to the 1906 Canada census for Manitoba, William C. and Claudie Presnell moved to Saskatchewan in 1905 and lived in the town of Humboldt.

If you are related to this family, please contact the blog owner.

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  1. Presnell/Moon Photo
    Meridith, this is Morris Plummer. I am not sure if you will remember me or not but, I was really involved in Genealogy several years back. Anyway, I have written to the Presnell family in Canada. It is quite an interesting story how I found them but do have their family history, up to 1951 and they lived in Dundurn, Saskatchewan. I do know who Claudie Monn is and have the Moon history back to about 1640. Any questions feel free to call or write. My phone number is 317-783-1905 and my e-mail is