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Memorial for Christian C. Nave (1884)

Hendricks County Civil Order Book Volume 27 (March 1884 - April 1885) includes a memorial for lawyer Christian C. Nave, who died August 3, 1884:

Come now L.M. Campbell, E.G. Hogate and Charles Foley and present to the Court a memorial relative to the death of Christian C.Nave, a member of the Bar of this Court, which on motion was ordered spread of record as the sentiments of the Court and members of the Bar thereof and which is accordingly done and is in words as follows, to wit:

The undersigned as a committee appointed by the Bar of Danville to put in form the sentiments of the bar relative to the labors and life of the late Col. C.C. Nave, sys as the sentiments of the bar, that in the indomitable energy and ceaseless labor exhibited by him in the discharge of his professional duties, they have much to admire and initiate. He has closed a professional career in Danville, continuing almost for fifty years, and during all of that time we three think it probable, that the interests of none of his clients ever suffered by reason of any neglect or any inattention on his part, a commendation that can be spoken of scarcely any other lawyers. When he undertook a cause, he devoted himself to the interests of his clients to the exclusion of every other consideration. He was a public spirited citizen and contributed largely to every enterprise that was calculated to develop the country, by some of which he lost large sums of money. He was a clever neighbor, a faithful husband and kind and indulgent father. More than thirty two years ago his wife died, leaving him with five children to raise, and every old citizen of Danville will bear cheerful testimony as to his faithful endeavors in that regard. To those who, knowing him only of late years, looked upon him as a fretful and petulant man, we beg to remind them that for almost a third of a century he led the lonely wife of a widower and that for many years his children have been married and gone, and that incident to the misfortune of humanity, he met with much that was harrowing to his very soul. We only wonder that he could endure so much so long and perform his part so well as he did. At the ripe age of nearly eighty-one years he has been gathered to his father's. Peach to his ashes.

L.M. Campbell
E.G. Hogate
Charles Foley

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