Monday, July 29, 2013

Guynn Cemetery Association Formed in Liberty Township (1858)

As mentioned in Hendricks County Circuit Court Civil Order Book Volume 8 (March 1858 - August 1861), in October 1858 articles of association for the Guynn Cemeterial Association were filed with the county. J.O. Riley donated the land for the burial grounds, and the following people all paid $50 or $100 for their membership in the association:

John Biddle
Joseph Bolen
Dureela Brady
Merill Brady
Mrs. Brady
William Douglass
Moses Guynn
Simon Hornaday
John Little
W.J. Maddox
Amos McCormick
Samuel McCormick
Isaac Petty
Nathan Petty
A.F. Shirts
B. Snodgrass
Jacob Tharpe
Cornelius Veatch
John S. Wood
Moses Wood
Harvey Woods

The election of their trustees was held at the Methodist Episcopal Church in Cartersburg.

NOTE: According to the Plainfield library's Hendricks County cemeteries index, Spring Hill Cemetery in Liberty Township (north of Cartersburg) is also known as Guynn Cemetery or Moon Cemetery.

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