Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Support Ordered During HORNADAY Divorce Case (1885)

As mentioned in Hendricks County Civil Order Book Volume 28 (June 1885 - March 1886), while the divorce case of Edom H. Hornaday vs. Emily Hornaday (Case #4318) was pending, the husband was to provide support for the wife as follows:

"It is ordered by the court in this cause that the plaintiff shall until the next term of this court make suitable provision for his wife's comfortable support either at home or at some other suitable place where she may desire to board, and in that event he is to pay her board and in case she prefer to remain at home she is to have entire control of the house with the furniture therein except one room downstairs to be selected by the defendant, which the plaintiff is to have the privilege of occupying if he so desire. And plaintiff's wife is to have the choice of cows now on the premises, all the garden, all the fruit and all the poultry, and all the roasting ears, and of the field for the use of the family that she may desire. And the plaintiff is in no way to disturb or threaten the defendant, and he is to have full control of the balance of the stock, the farming implements, the cordwood and the use of the barn and growing crops. And he is not to dispose of his interest in the real estate without his wife's consent."

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