Friday, September 6, 2013

Activity in Hendricks County probate cases (March 1889)

From Hendricks County probate records:

Activity in probate cases as of March 4, 1889 [in vacation of the January term of court]:
--George R. Blackwell estate - Elisha Franklin appointed administrator
--Benjamin Allbright estate - Aaron Mills appointed administrator
--Robert McClelland estate - John W. Brown appointed administrator
--Hiram Mitchell, Sr. estate - Hiram Mitchell appointed administrator
--John W. Templin estate - James A. Downard appointed administrator de bonis non with the will annexed
--Susannah Pounds estate - James O. Parker appointed administrator
--Thomas C. Loyd estate - J.D. Cottingham appointed administrator
--Emma V. Warren guardianship (minor heir of Emma F. Warren) - Alva Warren appointed guardian
--Charles M. and Burton Rushton guardianship (minor heirs of William Rushton, Sr.) - Thomas E. Hamrick appointed guardian
--Philemon Phillips estate - will probated
--William M. Craven, Sr. estate - will probated

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