Saturday, September 7, 2013

Activity in Hendricks County probate cases (September 1889)

From Hendricks County probate records:

Activity in probate cases as of September 2, 1889 [in vacation of the May term of court]:
--George L. Roach estate - will probated
--Rachel E. Smock estate - will probated
--Hamilton Huston estate - will probated; Enoch G. Hogate appointed administrator with the will annexed and ordered to dispose of certain personal property at a private sale
--James S. Jones estate - will probated; Mary Jones appointed executor
--Jesse N. Townsend estate - will probated; William Townsend appointed executor
--William M. Wilson estate - will probated; Orville W. Lowry appointed executor
--Katy Boswell estate - Mahlon Boyd appointed administrator
--Sarah Patterson estate - James H. Burns and Thomas J. Nash appointed administrators
--Nancy J. Jeffers estate - John W. Trotter appointed administrator
--Jonathan L. Moffitt estate - Catharine E. Moffitt appointed administrator
--Nancy Rennard estate - James M. Barlow appointed administrator
--Joseph Asher estate - Benjamin G. Edmondson appointed administrator
--John D. Kelleher guardianship - Thomas B. Keller appointed guardian
--Heirs of Elizabeth Huddleston guardianship - Fielding Huddleston appointed guardian

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