Monday, September 16, 2013

John BLANTON Assault & Battery Case (1867)

In the loose papers of Hendricks County probate records, an affidavit from James F. Blanton was found concerning a case involving his father, John Blanton. It reads:

"My name James F. Blanton - my age is twenty two years. I am a son of John Blanton and Delilah Blanton. I have lived all my life with them and was raised by them excepting that I was in the army three months and have visited occasionally for a few weeks at a time but made my home with my father and mother always until January 1866.

My father's treatment of mother was always kind - never saw him touch her in anger nor have I ever heard him threaten to harm her. He always provided well and kindly for her and the family. My mother has told me voluntarily since my return home with reference to the difficulty for which father is now prosecuted in this suit that it was her own fault that it occurred - that she was taunting my father and daring him to touch her and finally provoked him to slap her which she said he would not have done if she had not provoked him to it.

That she forgave him and is now sorry for this prosecution, that they are living together in friendship and have been all the time."

[NOTE: Hendricks County Circuit Court order book volume 10 (which covers 1867-1869) shows that in April 1867, John Blanton was found guilty of assault and battery and fined $25. In the 1870 Hendricks County census, John and Delilah Blanton were listed in Marion Township.]

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