Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Activity in Hendricks County probate cases (May 1891)

From Hendricks County probate records:

Activity in probate cases as of May 2, 1891 [in vacation of the March 1891 term of court]:
--John W. Estep estate - will probated; I.N. Estep appointed executor
--John W. Brown estate - will probated
--Eleazar Harlan estate - will probated
--Eli S. Bray estate - Adam Beeman appointed administrator
--Catharine Todd estate - E.R. Ellis appointed administrator
--Moses Hadley estate - B.S. Hadley appointed administrator
--Heirs of Eli S. Bray guardianship - James W. Phillips appointed guardian
--Alice J. Hodson guardianship - Henry D. Hodson appointed guardian
--Marion Butterfield guardianship - B.S. Hadley appointed administrator

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