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NEWSPAPER TIDBIT: North Salem Man Lost, Then Found (1933)

An item found in The Republican (Danville, Indiana) – issue of Thursday, February 23, 1933 – page 1, column 6:

Despondency Over Grades At DePauw Thought Cause
(North Salem Correspondent)

No news has been received of Claude Jeffries, eighteen-year-old DePauw student, who disappeared from his parents and friends at 11 o’clock, Sunday evening, February 12.

The youth had spent the evening with a Butler co-ed and they had attended two shows in Indianapolis. Leaving her at her rooming house he boarded a street car and rode downtown. The conductor remembered him distinctly. He was not seen again by anyone that knew him.

The following Tuesday school officials telephoned his parents that Claude had not returned to school. A search was made immediately and the Indianapolis police assisted in the investigation. All inquiries at hospitals were in vain. The search continued until Friday when a Mr. Breedlove of Belleville recognized his photograph as the hitchhiker he had picked up at 4 o’clock Monday afternoon on the National road. The boy went into a lunch room there and bought some cheese and crackers, eating them at the lunch counter. He left the lunch room and no trace of him has been found since.

His parents are convinced that he has left because of despondency over his school work. Claude had made almost straight A’s throughout his high school work and won a Rector scholarship at DePauw university. Entering that school last fall he found the work extremely difficult and the curriculum of the North Salem high school had not prepared him for the course he chose at DePauw. His grades were a constant source of worry to him. This is the only known cause of his disappearance. He was a graduate of the class of 1932 North Salem high school and no member of the younger set enjoyed as much popularity or had the respect of the community as he did. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Jeffries.

An item found in The Republican (Danville, Indiana) – issue of Thursday, March 9, 1933 – page 1, column 5:

Found Near Speedway After Three Weeks’ Search

Claude Jeffries, nineteen year old DePauw student, who has been missing for the past three weeks was returned to the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Jeffries, at North Salem, Saturday afternoon. He has been a victim of amnesia but since he was brought home is gaining in health rapidly.

The youth was found wandering on the streets near Speedway by Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Trotter. He was in a wretched condition, both mentally and physically. His hair was untrimmed and he had not been shaved for some time, his shoes were badly worn and his clothes were in a bad state of repair. His general appearance gave every indication that he had undergone great suffering.

Mr. Trotter brought the boy to his home and Dr. E. Ray Royer was called immediately. He did not recognize his parents, Mr. Trotter or any of his friends. The doctor advised his parents to put him in bed under the most quiet conditions. Dr. Larue Carter, brain specialist of Indianapolis, was called in consultation, Sunday. By that time a decided change for the better was noticed. The events of the past three weeks are absolutely blank in the boy’s mind. He evidently has travelled over a large territory as he had a pawn ticket in his pocket from a southern state and eastern laundry marks on his shirt.

His friends are hoping a few days of rest with no worry concerning his school work will soon bring him back to normalcy.

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