Tuesday, April 19, 2011

OBITUARY: William Boldock (1932)

from The Republican (Danville, Indiana) – issue of Thursday, March 3, 1932 – page 8, column 4:

Stilesville Farmer Commits Suicide With Shot Gun
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William Boldock, age 48 years, residing on the Eddie Pruitt farm just east of Broad Park, near the Putnam and Hendricks county line, committed suicide about 8 o’clock Tuesday morning by shooting himself.

Boldock asked his wife to see about the chickens and while she was gone he went to his bedroom and got his shotgun. He placed the barrel of the gun against his chest and pulled the trigger by using a forked stick about 18 inches long. The discharged passed through his heart, killing him instantly. Mrs. Boldock heard the report of the gun and rushed into the house only to find her husband’s lifeless body.

Dr. F.N. Wright of Stilesville was summoned by he pronounced death as instantaneous. According to the physician, Mrs. Boldock admitted that she and her husband had had trouble but that she returned to live with him in January. She told Dr. Wright that her husband had asked about his rifle on Monday and that she informed him that a neighbor had borrowed it to kill hogs.

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