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Bert ANNADELL arrested after attempted elopement (1901)

from The Republican (Danville, Indiana) - issue of Thursday, September 5, 1901 - page 1, column 5:

Attempted Elopement Lodges the Man in Jail

There was an attempted elopement Sunday evening. The principals were Bert Annadell and Mabel Johnson, daughter of Lon Johnson, who bought the Bodenhamer farm a few months ago.

Annadell has been working for Mr. Johnson and an attachment sprang up between him and Mr. Johnson's daughter. Annadell is twenty-one and the girl is in the neighborhood of sixteen. Sunday evening she and her sisters went after the cows and at the edge of the pasture they met Annadell. Miss Mabel and Annadell directed the sister to drive home the cows while they started on their trip by walking to Danville. When the sister arrived home she told her father and immediately search was made for the couple. Valuable time was lost in going to Clayton for them. Then Mr. Johnson telephoned to Danville and came here himself in company with his son, Clifton, and Ira Martin.

In Danville, they learned that a couple had secured arig and a driver and left town, presumably for Bridgeport. The three were joined by Sheriff Figg and the four started in pursuit, young Johnson and Martin going to Indianapolis and Mr. Figg and Mr. Johnson going to Bridgeport where Annadell's mother lives. The Indianapolis party found no trace of them and came back via Bridgeport where they found Mr. Figg and Mr. Johnson with the couple, they having been found at Annadell's mother's where they had represented themselves as having been married. Annadell was lodged in jail and the girl was taken home. Monday an affidavit was filed against Annadell charging him with seduction.

The plan of the couple was to go to Cincinnati Monday morning and be married.

[NOTE: According to Hendricks County marriage records, Bert Anadell and Annie Mabel Johnson were married on 17 November 1901]

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