Friday, November 1, 2013

PHOTO: John W. Figg and Family near Amo (1908)

This photo is of John W. Figg and family at his home near Amo around 1908. John W. Figg (holding ??) is on the left; John's half-brother Ed Warren is in the center; Osie Figg (holding Lucille Warren) is on the right. The boy seated on the bottom-most step is Charles Warren; the 2 boys sitting on the top step are unknown - they may be related to the Figgs.

John W. Figg was a schoolteacher and later become superintendent of the Plainfield schools. He died in 1927. This house's address today is 4489 West County Road 300 South, Danville.

Thanks to Janet Warren Tretter ( for sharing this photo.

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