Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Inmates released from Hendricks County Jail (1906)

From a record book of inmates at Hendricks County Jail (1871-1908), which has been digitized and is available on the Archives section of the Hendricks County government website:

Isaac Mendenhall, Hendricks County Sheriff, kept a list of inmates that were discharged from the county jail from January 1, 1906 to December 31, 1906:

Released for good behavior: Cecil Brackett, Jacob Caylor, Harry Parker, Ducky Rankin, Lewis Riggs

Sent to Indiana State Prison at Michigan City: William Allee, Lewis H. Keefawer, James Ross

Sent to Indiana State Reformatory at Jeffersonville: George Dempsey, Ora Haibe, Walter Shelley

Sent to Indiana Boys School at Plainfield: Carl R. Runion, Roy Runion

Sent to Central State Hospital for the Insane at Indianapolis: Clarence Hornaday, Frank Mitchell, Andrew W. Rodgers

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