Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tillman SPARKS arrested for murder (1902)

from The Republican (Danville, Indiana) - issue of Thursday, October 16, 1902 - page 1, column 6:

An echo of the Merlin Moon murder at Cartersburg in July, 1900, has been heard this week. Tillman Sparks who went with Fred Okeley to arrest Moon was arrested in Indianapolis by Constable Clements on a warrant sworn out by Moon's mother charging Sparks with the murder. It will be remembered that Okeley and Sparks went to Moon's house to arrest him for assault. Moon saw them coming and arming himself with a shot gun announced he would kill the first man that entered the house. Okeley and Sparks both fired at Moon and Moon ran out of the house and died in a few minutes. Okeley had fired once and Sparks twice. Okeley's shot struck a chair. Both of Sparks' shots took effect, one in the breast, one in the hip. Okeley used a 38-caliber gun, Sparks a 32. There was some flurry at the time of the affair but both were exonerated by the coroner. Sparks is now in jail.

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