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Hendricks County elected officials (1898)

Hendricks County elected officials (1898)

This is a list of various elected officials in Hendricks County, who were in office as of fall 1898.

Source: Biennial report of William D. Owen, Secretary of State of the State of Indiana, for the two years ending October 31, 1898 (Indianapolis: William B. Burford, 1898)

Hendricks County Clerk - Zimri E. Dougan (term expires July 26, 1904)
Hendricks County Auditor - Charles M. Caviness (term expires November 1, 1903)
Hendricks County Treasurer - William N. Lakin (term expires January 1, 1902)
Hendricks County Recorder - William L. Wilson (term expires November 13, 1902)
Hendricks County Sheriff - Henry I. Eaton (term expires November 13, 1900)
Hendricks County Coroner - Henry S. Curtis (term expires November 18, 1900)
Hendricks County Surveyor - WilliamF. Franklin (term expires November 6, 1900)

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