Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hendricks County petitions to add a Superior Court (1962)

source: The Republican (Danville, Indiana) - issue of Thursday, September 13, 1962 - page 1, columns 5-6:

According to a newspaper article, in September 1962, members of the Hendricks County Bar Association were lobbying the Indiana legislature to pass a bill establishing a Superior Court in Hendricks County, to take some of the burden off of the Hendricks County Circuit Court. The Circuit Court was said to be several months behind on its docket due to the heavy caseload. The proposed Superior Court would have exclusive jurisdiction in hearing probate cases (including estates and various kinds of guardianships) as well as trusts, adoptions, and surviving partnerships. It would have concurrent jurisdiction with the Circuit Court when it came to hearing civil cases, divorce cases and criminal cases. The Superior Court would not have any jurisdiction for juvenile cases.

NOTE: In March 1963, the Indiana General Assembly did approve the creation of a Hendricks County Superior Court (Acts of 1963, Chapter 247), which took effect on August 1, 1963. On that date, half of the existing caseload for the Hendricks County Circuit Court was assigned to the Hendricks County Superior Court.

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