Friday, July 22, 2016

Indiana National Guard opens armory in Danville (1954)

According to a November 11, 1954 newspaper article, the armory was formally dedicated on November 9, 1954. The cost of the armory was $190,000. Construction had been delayed because of a strike by the cement workers.

According to a September 30, 1954 newspaper article, the armory's governing board was to consist of Captain Fred Bohm (Indianapolis), Lieutenant Richard Helton (Danville) and Ed Stevenson (Danville).

According to a May 4, 1950 newspaper article, the Hendricks County Commissioners signed a deed to donate 4 acres from part of the county home's grounds to the Indiana National Guard so that they could open an Armory.

According to a April 2, 1953 article, Lieutenant Colonel Charles W. Sampson, Facilities Officer for the Adjutant General of the Indiana National Guard, placed the corner stakes for the building at the construction site in March 1953.

NOTE: The Armory is still at the same site today - its address is 1245 East Main Street (aka Old US 36), and it is across the street from the hospital (Hendricks Regional Health).

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